Friday, September 13, 2019

Red, White and Silver Ornament Wreath

The wreath base is an 18" extruded foam ring from Hobby Lobby that I wrapped with silver garland.  Garland is hard to find this time of year; I had to buy it on ebay.

To begin, I hot glued the outermost ring of larger ornaments and then the inner loop with smaller ornaments.  Next I adhered the largest ornaments on the middle layer so they are front and center (the silver star reflector ornaments, the red with white snowflake ornaments, the red onions, and the vintage looking red reflector ornaments).  Then all you do is fill in all the empty spaces with a variety of small / miniature ornaments.

All of the ornaments are shatterproof except for some of the miniature filler ones which are tucked way inside so they aren't likely to break.

This will be available for sale at my garage sale in a few weeks.  I will also take orders for any of the ornament wreaths posted on my blog if someone wants me to make a similar one for them.

Coming soon........Raven's wreaths.

Thanks for taking a look ~ Ann

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