Monday, January 27, 2020

String Pearl Heart

Another heart made by using the tinsel bears from the Dollar Tree:

Take the tinsel off and save it for another project:

Cut the heart away from the rest of the bear using wire cutters 

Wrap the heart as desired.
This is another one that I made but wrapped it with yarn.

Industrial Looking Heart

This heart is actually two plastic hearts painted in black paint to give it an industrial look.

I used two of the tinsel hearts from the Dollar Tree, took off the tinsel for another project, cut off the nubs, and painted them black.

This is the frame that is under the tinsel heart:

Cut the nubs off from the edges and paint two of the hearts black.

The flower I used on the inside of the heart is hot glued to the back heart and is from Michaels from years ago.  The leaves are also from Michaels.

This look isn't for everyone but definitely gives that industrial vibe some people like.

Jute Flowers on Another Woven Heart

I used this tutorial to make some jute flowers for my woven hearts:

You can use anything you want for the centers:  buttons, flowers, pearls, etc.  I used a burlap flower that I cut out with the Stampin' Up Fancy Flowers Bigz die and then put a Recollections rose on top of that.

You can even ink around the loop edges with ink if you want to darken the edges some.

I put my jute flower on a woven heart I made.  I used another one of the tinsel hearts from the Dollar Tree, took all the tinsel off, clipped off the nubs around the edges, covered the heart from the front with a cut up shirt then wrapped a bunch of gray yarn around it.  The burlap ribbon is from Michaels.

Unwrap the tinsel; it comes off in one long continuous piece and save it for another project.

Cut the nubs off around the edges and glue on a grey tee shirt from the front of the heart.

It doesn't matter if you have some wrinkles in the material; they will get covered with the yarn that you wrap on the heart.  The material helps to hold the yarn in place on the edges of the heart.

I'd love to see some of your work if you try these.  

Thanks for looking ~ Ann

Thursday, January 23, 2020

More Woven Hearts

I'm still working on making the hearts that I have a tutorial on in my previous post.  Some of these are made from the tinsel bear (small hearts) and some are made from the larger tinsel hearts, both from the Dollar Tree.

Here's a closer look:

Above heart was made using white seam binding from JoAnn Fabric called "Hug Snug".  I used about half the roll.  Then I used a jute rope from Hobby Lobby and hot glued it around the edges, and then did another layer around the entire heart with a smaller jute rope from the Dollar Tree.  The lace ribbon is from Hobby Lobby as is the burlap bow.  This heart is two of the large hearts put together, back to back.  This is what the large hearts look like at the store:

Below is the back side of the above heart.  You can use just one heart and not butt them up together and get just about the same look from the front.

Unwrap the tinsel (it comes off in one long piece) and save it for another project.  This is what you are then left with:

The heart below was made using one of the smaller hearts from the tinsel bears (see previous post).  I used white yarn from Hobby Lobby called Yarn Bee that cost 60 cents on sale for 65 yds.  I used about 3/4 of the roll.  The greenery is also from HL and is in the wedding dept on sale 50% off for $1.00 this week.  The tiny bow also from HL wedding dept.

The heart below is one of the large hearts wrapped with mocha yarn from HL called "I Love this Chunky".  I used about half the roll but it doesn't say anywhere on the label how much you get in a roll.  I then wrapped jute in the lattice pattern and tied it securely on the back.  The flower was made using a Stampin' Up Bigz die called Fun Flowers.  It cuts through burlap.

The next one below is also a large heart wrapped with 4 ply jute from Hobby Lobby.  It's just a single heart, not doubled.

The grey one below is a smaller heart wrapped with charcoal yarn from HL called Yarn Bee.  I used about 130 ft of yarn.  It comes in a 65 yd roll for 99 cents and was on sale.  The flower comes in a package of a variety of sizes in the wedding dept. at HL for $3.99 and is 50% off this week.  Ribbon from HL and is also 50% off this week.

The small red one is also wrapped with Yarn Bee yarn, Martha Stewart lace ribbon that I've had for years, and three tiny flowers from the same package as the larger flower on the above heart.

These would be so much fun to make with friends and get ideas off each other.  I still have more to make and hope to display them in a basket if I can find the perfect one to hold them.

There is a tutorial on The Shabby Tree FB page on how to make the larger of the two hearts:

Thanks for looking ~ Ann

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Twine Hearts

I saw this idea on the Facebook page "The Shabby Tree" where there is a video on how to make twine heart makeovers.  But I will also show you how I made them.

There are two sizes you can make; a large and a small.  Mine today is the small one.  It measures approximately 8" x 7".

To start off, I purchased these tinsel bears at The Dollar Tree.  You only need one for each heart.

Begin by unwrapping the white tinsel and set it aside for future projects.  When that is done, you will have the red tinsel heart:

Take the red tinsel off (it unwinds pretty easily) and save that as well.

Using wire cutters, clip off the plastic pieces that are holding the heart on to the rest of the bear but do not clip off the points that were holding the tinsel on.  You can also cut off the ears, leaving a fairly round circle you can use in the future.

Tie a piece of twine or yarn on to the heart form and begin wrapping it around.  You can put some fairy lights on the back as you are wrapping if desired and leave some areas for the light to shine through.  I did not use the lights on mine but they look gorgeous with the lights.  Most people who used the fairy lights used two hearts put together and set the lights inside them.

When you are done wrapping the twine, tie it off on the back side.  Now you can decorate it however you wish.  I used some lace ribbon from The Dollar Tree and a pink rose from the $1.50 bins at Michaels.  The ferns were also from Michaels on clearance before the holidays.

This is my final heart:

There are a lot of other hearts on The Shabby Tree FB page and on Crafting with the Shabby Tree FB page as well.  I got my inspiration from this heart:

Here are a few of my other favorites:

Most of the above hearts were made using the big tinsel hearts that look like this at The Dollar Tree:

from the back:

I am working on a large heart now using fabric strips but I don't have a rotary cutter so I'm trying to tear the fabric into equal strips.  It may or may not work out.  I'll let you know.

Email me if you try these on your own.  I'd love to see your ideas.

~ Ann