Thursday, February 6, 2020

Wrought Iron Looking Heart

I made this heart out of the tinsel "love" heart at The Dollar Tree:

Once you remove the strand of tinsel (that comes off in one long piece -- save it for a future project), you are left with this frame that I painted black:

Once painted, I simply hot glued on the flower from The Dollar Tree and the ferns which I had in my stash.

Super easy to make but if you want to buy one of these hearts, you should get to the store now.  It won't be on the shelves much longer; the store is bringing out Easter things in it's place.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Peach Hearts

Just a few more hearts........these are for my Mom who looks so nice in peach that I added some peach colored flowers.

The first heart was made as previously described in an earlier post, using a tinsel heart from the Dollar Tree.

The second heart was made using a wire heart frame from the Dollar Tree, half a ball of big blanket yarn or chunky yarn from Hobby Lobby, and a ribbon flower I made on a loom.

I just wrapped the yarn around the wire heart and hot glued areas that wanted to slip around.  This was the fastest heart wreath of all the ones I've made this year.

The greenery is from the wedding dept. at Hobby Lobby and the pinkish rose is by the Paper Studio in Hobby Lobby's scrapbook dept.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann