Sunday, January 29, 2012

Purse Class - Wed., Feb. 22 5:45 - 7:45pm, $20

These purses are great for storing the 3x3 mini brag books that we are making in class this month.  They are 2 3/4 x 3 1/2 inside so they can fit much more than just the albums.  The purses are made using the Top Note Sizzix BigZ die, and they can also be made using the Spellbinders Labels 8 or Labels 17 dies as I have all three in the top photo.

Please see my blog for the class dates to make the mini brag books to fit inside these purses.

I will provide all the materials needed to make one to two purses per person, depending on the number of people signed up for each class.  As always, instructions will be provided so you can make additional purses on your own at home.

 You will need to bring  the following supplies:

Martha Stewart Scoring Board and bone folder (or ask to borrow one of mine if you don't own one)
Paper Trimmer
Scor-Tape or other two sided permanent tape 1/2 inch width
Glossy Accents or other quick dry glue
Paper piercer and mat (or borrow mine)

Please email me by Sunday, Feb. 19 if you wish to reserve a spot in this class.  My email is or call me at 410-381-7944.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

2 Mini Brag Books - Friday, Feb. 17, 10:00-12:00, $15.00

We will make both the 12 page AND the 16 page mini albums in class.  One is 4x3 and the other is a 3x3 album.  They both lay very flat and can easily be mailed to relatives and friends and you can put as many pockets and tags in them as you want.  The amazing thing is that both are made from just one sheet of 12x12 paper.  That's right!  How can you beat that?  Make your own albums out of just one sheet of paper.

Each album will require a sheet of medium weight two sided scrapbook paper (not cardstock), or bring just one sided and then bring a different sheet to cut out a cover and back with.  But the learning experience comes from using a two sided sheet of paper and seeing how to make the album so that the cover and back side are from one side of the paper and the inside pages all come from the opposite side of the paper.  This is all done without cutting out any pieces of paper; the paper will be left in one piece, you just need to know where to score and what lines to cut along (but not cut out).

To make both albums with the tags you will need to bring:

A Martha Stewart Scoring Board and bone folder, paper trimmer, scissors, 1/8 inch two sided tape (the skinniest tape made, such as Scor-Tape), two pieces of two sided 12x12 medium weight scrapbook paper (Joann Fabric sells a lot of this by the sheet, made by Heidi Grace, and Michaels has a lot of it too, by the sheet), two pieces of 12x12 cardstock for the tags,  and a 1" circle punch if you have one.

If you don't have a scoring board, just email me and let me know so I can bring an extra for you to borrow.

Please email me by Tues., Feb. 14 if you would like to reserve a spot in this class.  Email is or call me at 410-381-7944.  We meet at the Columbia Hobby Lobby on Snowden River Parkway near BJ's and PetSmart.

Matchbook Mini Album Class - Wed., Feb. 8 at 5:30 pm, $25.00

In class we will make the 6 pocket matchbook but you will be given instructions on how to make the 12 pocket on your own -- it just takes too long to make in class.

These matchbooks can be adhered to a scrapbook page or mini album or left alone as a mini album on their own.  They are skinny enough to put in a regular envelope to mail to relatives or friends.  Once you open the matchbook cover, the tags inside "pop" down on their own like a fan file, just dying for you to take each tag out to look at it.  You can put photos on the tags and journaling, and even put photos on the pockets if you wanted. 

This class is also being offered on Monday, Feb. 20 at 4:30pm, President's Day.  If you sign up with a friend, the class fee will be reduced to $15 for each of you, for either class.

Supplies needed:  Martha Stewart Scoring Board and bone folder, paper trimmer, scissors, 1/4 inch two sided tape such as Scor-Tape, (wider tape will not work on this project, it has to be 1/4 inch), two sheets of solid colored 12x12 cardstock (one for the tags and one for the matchbook cover, they can be two different colors), one sheet of 12x12 scrapbook paper for the pockets (might want to bring two in case of error when cutting or scoring, single sided scrapbook paper is fine, lightweight works best), a bottle of quick clear drying glue such as Glossy Accents or Zip.  If you have a 1" circle punch please bring that as well, but it isn't necessary, it will just speed things along if you have your own.

If you don't own a scoring board, you can still take this class.  Just email me and let me know that you need to borrow a scoring board and I will bring an extra for you.

An assortment of embellishments will be provided for your rosettes on the bellybands as well as embossing folders for the matchbook covers.

Please email me by Monday, Feb. 6 at the latest at or call me at 410-381-7944 if you wish to reserve a spot in this class.  Payment is due at the night of the class (cash please).  We meet in the classroom at Hobby Lobby on Snowden River Parkway near BJ's and PetSmart.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Free Vintage Postcards and other digital art

If you are in to the Vintage look and want to download some free tags, postcards and other digital art, this site has tons of free downloads, but they will only let you download one item every 20 to 30 minutes:

These are an example of the art work you can download, but there's tons more.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

12 page mini brag book, Wed., Feb. 15 at 6:00pm $10

This book, which has 12 pages to it when bound,  and more than that if you leave it open accordion-style front and back, is made out of just ONE piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper.

You will be shown how to score and fold the one sheet of two sided 12x12 paper so that the front side will come out as the cover and back and the rest of the pages will be the back side of the paper.  You can make these in a matter of minutes.  They are great for sending to relatives to celebrate births, graduations, marriages, anniversaries (as I did for my parent's 50th anniversary), to document a short trip, or give to your teenagers and let them fill the pages with photos of their friends.

I will also show you two different ways to put tags into the albums and we cut the tags using a Sizzix die.  The actual size of this brag book is 4 x 3 inches.  They make cute little books to give as gifts.

Supplies needed:  One sheet of 12x12  two sided medium weight scrapbook paper, I used one with a print side and solid color on the back, you can use a one-sided piece and just have the white side as your inside pages, or you can use a solid one color piece of cardstock. and bring a piece of designed scrapbook paper to cut and put on the cover.  You will also need a piece of 12x12 coordinating cardstock for the tags.  Please bring your Martha Stewart scoring board with the bone folder and scissors.  If you have 1/4 inch two sided tape please bring that also.  If you don't have a scoring board, just email me and I will bring an extra.

Please email me to reserve your spot in this class by Monday, Feb. 13 at or call me at 410-381-7944.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Start of the Mini Album Series beginning in February

Now that the holidays are beyond us and we just have Valentine's Day to get through as far as crafts go, I am hoping most of us have a little more time to get back into Crafting and enjoying some relaxing classes.

I will be offering many classes which are parts to mini albums and scrapbooks over the next few months, beginning with the Matchbook album on Feb. 20.

Most of these classes will be projects which can be put into mini albums or scrapbooks or used alone as tiny brag books.

If you can't make it to the class that I have scheduled and you are really interested in it, please let me know so I can try to schedule a second class.  You may not be the only person who wasn't able to make it to the first class.  I try to schedule as many classes on Saturdays as I can but I know those of you who work in retail can't always make it to a Saturday class, and I often have to compete with the Wilton Cake class schedule at the store (and I thought I could get away from that by leaving Michaels). 

I look forward to seeing you in class.

Matchbook Mini Album Class -- Monday, Feb. 20, 4:30-7:30pm, $25

 This is the 12 pocket matchbook without a cover
This is a 6 pocket like we will be making in class, with a cover

In this class we will be making a matchbook mini album which holds 6 pockets with 6 tags for photos or journaling.  It is thin enough to fit into an envelope to mail to relatives as a photo keepsake or small enough to fit in your purse.  It can also be permanently mounted to a scrapbook page or mini album page like I did in my Halloween mini album if you remember seeing that one.  You will be given instructions on how to also make the same matchbook but with 12 pockets and 12 tags, we just won't have time in class to do that much.

  The belly band slides on and off .  We will be making the pockets on a scoring board, cutting the tags on a cuttlebug or Sizzix, using the Tim Holtz rosette die,  and making the matchbook holder on a scoring board.  If you don't have a scoring board, no problem.  I have several to loan out.  It looks complicated, but it isn't. 

Supplies needed:  One sheet of 12x12 one sided scrapbook paper (such as the black and white dotted that I used, or bring two sheets to leave room for error), two sheets of 12x12 cardstock in two different colors to be used as the matchbook cover and tags.  You will also need a Martha Stewart Scoring board and bone folder or let me know to bring an extra one for you, a paper trimmer, 1/4 inch two sided permanent tape such as the red tape or Scor-Tape, scissors, and a bottle of Glossy Accents or other clear, quick drying glue such as Zip.

If you sign up with a friend, the cost of the class will be reduced to $15 for each of you.
Please email me at by Feb. 16 if you would like to reserve a spot in this class. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Heart Boxes -- Wed., Jan. 25, 5:30pm, and Feb. 1 at 6:00pm $25

These boxes can be made in all different heights and sizes and are actually heart shaped inside as shown in the above photo.  We will be making the size of the one that is on the top of the stack of the boxes in the second photo which is also the same size as the one with the 3  white roses on it.

This class isn't just about making a heart shaped box -- it is full of techniques.  We will also learn how to make the fabric rose on the bright pink box using box pleated ribbon that all the stores are now carrying in their scrapbook depts.

The boxes can be made from a template that you trace and cut out or cut on the Cricut.  The ones in class will be pre-cut ; however, you will be given a template to bring home so you can make more on your own.  They assemble in a matter of minutes; they are that easy.

Please bring two sided permanent tape in both 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch or borrow mine if needed, a bottle of any kind of liquid quick drying glue such as Glossy Accents or Scotch quick dry glue, scissors, and your tool kit to embellish the boxes with.  All other materials will be provided.

Please email me by Friday, Jan. 20 at the latest  if you want to reserve a spot in the Jan. 25  class, and email me by Sunday, Jan. 29 if you want to take this class on Feb. 1 or call me at 410-381-7944.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vintage Tags Class I - postponed, if you want this class, email me to set up a date.

These are the vintage tickets we will use on the tags.  They are available at

If you are interested in taking this class before Valentine's Day, email me and we can set up a date for a class.  Due to the popularity of the heart box class and some conflicts with it's original date I had scheduled it for, I had to move the heart box class to Jan. 25 which was the date this class was scheduled for.  Please see the post on the heart boxes for the Victorian heart shaped boxes we will be making, along with the box pleated ribbon roses.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Martin Luther King Day classes, Monday, Jan. 16 -- 10am to 2pm, $15 each class*

The heart honeycomb ornaments class will be held from 10-12
Please bring a package of mini glue dots, scissors and a pair of tweezers

This picture shows 2 baskets cut with the Spellbinders Scalloped Hearts die compared to the window basket which is cut on the Cricut.  I will provide materials to make both and instructions for you to take home to make both.
The heart baskets class will be from 12:30 to 2:00
Please bring a pair of scissors, roller adhesive and 1/4 inch Scor Tape or other two sided tape

Each class is $15.  If you wish to attend either, please email me by Thurs., Jan. 12 so I have time to prepare the materials.  Class size will be limited this day so register early.
*If you wish to take just the heart basket class on this day, I will have a special where you can bring a friend or relative and both get in for $10 each, even if it is someone who has been to one of my classes.  These heart baskets are adorable in real life and make great home decor. 

Honeycomb hearts -- Wed., Jan. 4 at 5:30pm / Sat. Jan. 7 at 10am, $15 large heart

 the large heart
The small heart with double sided paper
another small heart with double sided paper


These are new photos showing the honeycomb heart ornaments using a different cut file.........this time I used the Plantain Schoolbook Cricut cartridge to cut the hearts and it gave the hearts a more "hearty" look to them, I think.  So I will be cutting both sized hearts at home using my paper on the Cricut.  The small heart will be cut using double sided paper in the Valentine packs that just came out at Michaels but the big hearts take 16 sheets of paper so they are going to be cut on single sided scrapbook paper but you will use two different patterns in the one heart.

I also found red gems to dangle from the hearts in all different sizes, and purple glittery hearts as well.  So you will have a big selection of danglers as well as paper to choose from.

Everyone will be making the big hearts in class, and if we have time, I will have kits available to make the small hearts for $5.00.  You can either start the small hearts in class or bring them home and work on them with the template and instructions that come in the kit.  I think once you see the small hearts you will want to make one of those as well.  But that is up to you. By registering for the class and making the big heart, you have the advantage of being able to purchase the small heart kit as it will only be available to those who take this class and make the big heart.

Please email me by Monday (tomorrow) if you wish to take this class on Wed., Jan. 4.  You will need to bring one full box of mini glue dots, a pair of tweezers to apply the glue dots with, and a pair of scissors.

If you wish to take the class on Saturday, Jan. 7 from 10-2, please email me by Wed., Jan. 4.