Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Using Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page punches on ANY size paper

There are a few tutorials out there on how to make the Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page (PATP) punches work on any size paper and not just those few sizes that come in the instructions, but I have found that one important step is left out of all of these instructions.  They do NOT show you how to punch the corners (not the typical way to use the corner punch) once you get started.   After glancing through my instructions, you will see what I mean.

Ultimately, what we want to be able to do is use the corner and edge punch that come in the PATP sets on any size paper and not be limited to just a few sizes.  This can be done very easily if you just know how to do it.

First off, I would start with one of the PATP sets that have very few swirls or intricate patterns.  It's easiest to also use a punch set that has a very clear and defined number of punch areas in the edge punch.  For example, compare the Swirling Lace edge punch to the Deco Fans edge punch:


           Swirling Lace punch set                                       Deco Fans punch set

Notice the pattern to the edge punches above.  The Swirling Lace edge punch does not have the exact same design repeated three times like the Deco Fans one does.  The Swirling Lace PATP set is a beautiful set and is great for punching around the page, but is not the easiest to start with for this tutorial if you are a beginner trying this for the first time.  So for this tutorial I am going to use the Deco Fans punch set.  To see all the Martha Stewart PATP sets at Frantic Stamper and which ones are on sale, you can click here:  http://www.franticstamper.com/PATP-Punch-Around-the-Page-punches-Border-Corner-sets_c_1143.html

Start off with an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock.  Using the corner punch from the  Deco Fans set, open the wings and put any corner of the paper into the punch at the right angle it was meant to punch at, and punch once.

Now take the edge punch that comes in the Deco Fans PATP set, pull down the flaps on the sides, slide the paper into the punch lining up the corner punch you just did with the design printed on the right edge of the punch.   Go ahead and punch once.  This will give you a set of 3 tiny fans that line up just to the left of the corner punch.  We want to have this side of the paper punched a little further so line up the paper into the edge punch and punch one more time, giving you 6 tiny fans now.  If you have trouble lining up what you have already punched, you can always turn the punch over and look into it.  You should not see any blank open spaces if the paper is lined up correctly.  All you should see is blank paper but if you move the paper over slightly, you will see your last punch.

                                      you do NOT want this

Looking at the paper without any punches in it, we can see that we probably won't be able to fit 3 more of the tiny fans AND a corner punch along this side of the paper, but we could fit one more tiny fan and a corner.   If you aren't sure how many more you can fit, punch a "cheater test punch" strip on a separate piece of paper as shown below and line it up with the paper you are working on.  This will let you see how many fans will fit based on how long you want the end paper to be. 

 In our case, I wanted just one more tiny fan but not an entire full punch from the edge punch or I'd end up with 3 more tiny fans.   To get just one fan punched out of the three, line the paper back in the edge punch and turn the punch over so you are looking into it from the back side.  This is where we want to punch over two of the last tiny fans we just punched in order to get just one new tiny fan of the three punched.  Make sure the last two fans you punched are lined up perfectly with the punch itself so you can't see any paper around the design of the fans other than paper that is going to be punched at the spot of the third fan.  This is where you want to see two blank spots and one spot where the paper is showing.  Go ahead and punch once.

 You will now have 7 tiny fans and one corner punch along this edge.  If it didn't punch exactly over the previously two tiny fans, it does take a little practice learning how to line up the punch to do this, but as previously stated, the Deco Fans punch set is one of the easiest to line up.

This next part is the step that all the other tutorials (that I have found anyways) leave out -- how to get that corner punch to fit into the paper.  If you have the flaps open on the corner punch, you will see that you can't possibly fit the paper into it to line it up.  So close both flaps, turn the punch over so you looking into the back side, line the straight edge of your paper (the edge with all the fans on it) in the punch so that you can not see any of the previously punched fans.  Move the punch around to get a feel of where you need to punch, constantly looking down inside it.  It's not difficult to find where to punch after lining it up with the straight edge of the paper and having the punch at a 90 degree angle.  Go ahead and punch once.

This is what your paper should look like:  (it's okay to have an extra bit of paper after your corner punch).

Take a ruler and line it up on the paper so you can cut a straight edge off the end of the paper, or you can put the paper into your paper trimmer and cut off the edge.  The photo below shows where to cut the edge off even though it is a little further ahead in punching:

Below is what your paper should look like with the edge piece removed:

The rest of the process is just a repeat of what you just learned.  Line your paper into your edge punch so the corner design is lined up with the corner punch you just did, and punch once, giving you 3 tiny fans.  We can fit one more so line it up looking into the edge punch from the bottom side, making sure you have the previous two fans lined up exactly to be punched over again and paper showing on the third spot only, then punch.  You now have 4 tiny fans and one corner punch.

We're ready for another corner punch, so put the corner punch with the flaps closed into the paper looking from the back side of the punch lining up the straight edge again, and punch once.  Remove the excess paper as we previously did. 

Punch another 7 tiny fans along this third side of your paper like you did previously, making 6 normal fans and one where you have to line it up from looking into the back side of the edge punch:

Line up your corner punch with the flaps closed and punch once.  The last side of the paper needs four of the tiny punches, so punch once using the edge punch to get 3 tiny fans.  You have one blank spot left to do your last tiny fan from the edge punch:

Line the paper into the edge punch looking down into it from the back side, repunch over the last two tiny fans and punch, giving you one last tiny fan.  Your paper is now done.  You can do this to any size paper using as many tiny punches as you want, repunching as needed.  I hope this tutorial helped you; if so, please leave a comment below or let me know how I can improve it.

The next picture shows you how the newly punched white paper fits perfectly on the blue punched paper.  The blue paper was punched using 9 tiny fans (3 complete punches using the edge punch) and 6 tiny fans (your normal 2 edge punches) which is your typical 6.75" x 5" sheet of paper which is what the directions in the punch set tell you to use.
Above shows how the two papers layer without a big gap around all edges because we made the punches work for us on the white paper.  The next photo shows how the two layer together with a larger gap in between them.  The last two papers were made using the sizes that are given in the directions with the punches and not modifying them at all:
Here's the card again using the Deco Fans and Thanks die:

My next post will show you how to use any one of the Martha Stewart corner punches to punch around a circle to get this effect:

Products used in making the first card on this post:

Monday, December 29, 2014

Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page punches

I used the Deco Fans Punch Around the Page punch set by Martha Stewart to punch a frame around the photo in this first scrapbook page, and the "crown looking things" by Katelyn's name:

My adorable niece Katelyn 

You can also use the punch around the page (PATP) sets to make a decorative frame around your entire 12x12 page:

My other adorable niece, Kaela

In the above photo, I used the Daisy PATP set by Martha Stewart.

You can find Martha Stewart PATP punches at the Frantic Stamper store here;


Some of the punches are on sale so you might want to grab them before they are gone.

All Martha Stewart punches can be seen here:

In a few days I will be having a post on how to make the PATP punches work on ANY size paper, not just the limited sizes that come with the set.  I will also  have a post showing how to use these punches to punch around a circle -- a fool proof way that I taught in my classes.

Passing Along A Great Find

I was looking on Pinterest today for papercrafting techniques, and found this free downloadable sheet that lists how to get the most cuts out of one sheet of paper.  For example, if you have an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and you need to cut it into 2x3 pieces, which side of the paper should you make the 2" cut along and which do you make the 3" cut along?  It really makes a difference believe it or not.

This sheet, which can be found here:  http://simplysimplestamping.com/stampin-gals-gone-wild-wednesday-the-ultimate-paper-cutting-guide/

will tell you the best way to do this and get the most pieces out of the one sheet without wasting paper.  If you go to the above link, you can download the sheet without the watermark on it.

It's good to take some days off from making cards to do research on Pinterest.  Hopefully it will pay off in the future.  I know I'll keep this sheet handy.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

I can finally share my secret!

I have been offered a permanent position on the design team with Frantic Stamper as of January 1, 2015.  This was my ultimate goal and dream job.  I love designing for them and using their dies on my cards.  Their design team leader and person who makes their dies, Kathy Berger, is so open to new ideas and design suggestions that it makes being on her team so rewarding.  Frantic Stamper has a nice crew of designers who inspire me every time I see their work.  If you haven't checked out their Facebook page to see all their design team creations, you should do so.  You can see it all here:

https://www.facebook.com/franticstamper.  I know I'd love to see you leave comments on any cards of mine that you might like.

If you want to read the post they put on their blog about my position, you can see it here:


Thank you for looking!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Frantic Stamper New Year's card

I used the Cheers die by Frantic Stamper to make these champagne glasses.  I used vellum for the inner part of the champagne glasses and then filled in the little bubbles with a gel pen.  I think the color of the glass really looks close to the actual color of champagne.

If you want to see all the cards that the other Frantic Stamper design team has made, you can see them all on the Frantic Stamper  Pinterest board here:


and their Flickr board here:


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Very Last Christmas Card for 2014

I was inspired to use some of my Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page punches on my last Christmas card for the season since Frantic Stamper is having a huge sale on some of their Martha Stewart punches.

I used the Triangle Christmas Tree die  on this card, along with two Martha Stewart PATP punch sets:  the Embroided Floral and Scroll Lace.  The tiny bows are a mini punch by EKSuccess.

I will be adding instructions to my blog shortly on how to use the Martha Stewart PATP punches and make them work for any size paper, not just the paper sizes that are indicated in the punch instructions.

Enjoy your Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Warm Wishes!

It's cold here in Maryland so an all white card with a Warm Wishes greeting seems appropriate...... I used the Warm Wishes die (FRA-DIE-09360) along with the Pine Bough (FRA-DIE-09291) and the Cuttlebug Honeycomb (PRO-EF-2001399) embossing folder. The dots around the frame are Liquid Pearls (RAN-LP-Wht) and the bow is the Memory Box Crisp Bow
( MBC-DIE-98197). All of these items are available at the Frantic Stamper store. Hope you all stay warm wherever you are.

Happy Holidays

I have just one last card to show you that has the Scallop Border Trio die used as a belly band.

I used a Darice embossing folder for the snowflakes and a different one for the Happy Holidays.
I'm winding down with the Christmas cards and starting to work on Valentine Day cards, how about you?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Thank You card

I used the Scallop Border Trio die (FRA-DIE-09291) to make the floral ribbon in the center of the card.  Instructions on how to use this edge die are in the previous post on my blog.  I cut the top and bottom right close together to give it the floral effect.

If you haven't checked out the Frantic Stamper Facebook page, there are lots of card ideas posted to it regularly.  You can get to it here:  https://www.facebook.com/franticstamper.

Frantic Stamper also has a Flickr page here:  https://www.flickr.com/groups/franticstamper/

Have a safe and Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Scalloped Border Belly Band Tutorial

I used the Scalloped Border Trio die set by Frantic Stamper to make this card.  

Using the bottom die in this set above, I made 4 belly bands out of different colors and layered them on top of each other, starting with the widest on the bottom and ending with the narrowest on the top.

How do you make a belly band with an edge die like the Scallop Border die?  The die only cuts on one side so you have to cut the paper along one edge first then line up the die to cut the opposite edge.  Here's how:

Make your first cut along a piece of paper that is the same length or width of your card, whichever way the belly band will go (vertical or horizontal)

Move the die down after the first cut is done.   How far down you move the die determines how wide the belly band will be.  Find a focal point on the die that you can use to line it up symmetrically with the first cut.  With this scallop border die, it's easy to just eye-ball it when lining it up.

This is what it looks like when you are done cutting both edges / sides.  You will need to detach it from the paper to make it a belly band.  Just cut a straight edge up along both ends if the band is a wide one, or make curved cuts if the band is a narrow one, as shown below.

 The belly bands shown below are all different widths so I could stack them and have the lacy edges show.

Once again, the final card:

I added some tiny punched flowers for the centers of the top most belly band but you could do almost anything to embellish this.  Look back in a few days and I will have more cards with this scallop border die on them.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Warm Wishes

I decided to play with some Tattered Angles Glitter Glam to make the tag on this card.  After shaking the bottles real well, I simply used a big paint brush and brushed it on a piece of white cardstock.   I dried it with a heat gun and then cut out a stitched 3x4 photo card on it.  The Glitter Glam is so full of glitter that it leaves a "dried salt" look to the paper.

I also die cut the Warm Wishes die twice, once in aqua and once in brown so I could layer them together.  The card background was run through a snow embossing folder.  The hearts are just punched out using Paper Studio and Recollections punches.

Frantic Stamper Stitched Photo cards die

The Stitched 3x4 and 2x3 Photo cards die comes with a hexagon set as well..............one stitched and the other is both a frame and inner piece.  I used just the hexagon dies to make these cards:

I used the inner pieces to the framed hexagon die for the above card.  The white part is paper that I embossed with the Cuttlebug Honeycomb embossing folder.  The Frantic Stamper hexagons work perfectly with this embossing folder.

Then I used the framed outer piece to make this card above.  You get two cards out of one cut.  The Thanks die is by Frantic Stamper as well and is called Large Thanks.  I love the script font on this die.

I used the stitched hexagon for the Christmas tree card.  The word Merry is from the Mix 'N Match Merry Christmas die.

The above card also uses the stitched hexagon for the red poinsettia leaves but the whole framed die and inner piece for the yellow center of the flower.  The word Christmas is from the Mix 'N Match  Merry Christmas die along with the Cheers die, but cutting off the S in Cheers.

This is what the Stitched 3x4 and 2x3 Photo Card set looks like:


Balloons don't have to be just for birthdays, right?  This could be a birthday card but could also be used for other occasions.  I used the Frantic Stamper Cheers die along with the new Heart  Balloons die.   This card was made with a guy recipient in mind, thus the masculine colors............I used two different silver glitter cardstocks and mirror board for the other two balloons.  The balloons are actually separate from the strings so it's easy to cut the balloons in whatever color cardstock you'd like.

What I really like about these Frantic Stamper dies is that they cut through glitter paper like cutting through butter...........one sweep through your die cut machine and it's done.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Thank You card

My nephew wanted some seasonal Thank You cards so this is one I made for him.  I just hope it isn't too girly looking for a guy to be using.  I did also make some other cards for him as shown on the earlier blog post with his WV college logo on them.

This card was made using the Frantic Stamper Large Thanks die where I cut off the "s" at the end since I wanted the card to really emphasize the You in Thank You.  The "you" is part of the Handwritten Love You die by Frantic Stamper.  I cut them both out of red glitter paper.

The holly leaves are by CC Designs but I punched out my own red glitter berries using a 1/4" circle punch by EK Success to go along with them.  The tag is from the My Favorite Things Stitched Tags.  I used a holly leaves embossing folder for the background and a plaid embossing folder for the tag.

WVU cards

My nephew is attending West Virginia University and wanted some thank you cards to give to his scholarship providers.

I made these using the WV logo cut out on my Cricut, and the other cards were made using various dies.  I tried to stick with the yellow / gold / blue school colors.  I hope he likes them.