Friday, July 31, 2015


Isn't it odd how you don't even realize what your card really looks like (ie. the pattern it ended up with) until you see it posted online?  I had no idea this card had the purple frame around it until I just posted it on my blog.

This is my third card with the Herringbone technique which is actually a technique used by quilters.   You can see the other two cards I made with the Herringbone technique here:

 I started off by cutting strips of dsp 1/2" wide and 12" long.   I applied roller adhesive all over the entire base which is 4 x 4" then adhered the center green dotted paper which is a 1 3/4 square.  I didn't even measure where to center the green focal point square; I just eye-balled it.

After the square was on, I adhered the purple strips around the edges of the square, cutting off any excess with a straight cut so I could reuse the end of the strip in another spot.  The key to making this type of card is to have all the ends of your 1/2" wide strips straight cut so they line up with the strip next to it.  After I had the first set of purple strips adhered, I then adhered one line of green strips right next to the purple ones, then more purple ones, then ending the card with the tiny green corners.
This technique can result in a variety of different patterns, all depending on how you place your strips of dsp.

When all the 1/2" strips were adhered, I turned the base over and cut off all the excess pieces.  I inked around the edge with black ink and adhered the base to a 4 1/8" square black layer, which then was adhered to a coordinating green dotted layer which was 4 1/2" square.  The final card front is 5 x 5.

So, on to the die cuts.................I used the bats from the Bats and Ghost by Frantic Stamper (love these bats, they are the best shaped bats on the market in my opinion) and the Beware from the Scary Words by Frantic Stamper.  The last step was to put some tiny white eyes on the bats using a white gel pen.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Masculine Thank you card

I used the Thanks card band by Frantic Stamper along with the Chevron Borders and Edgers dies to make this masculine thank you card:

You could easily make this card in 15 minutes or less.  I cut the black striped background paper into two panels so the "Thanks" would be on the white card base and show better.  Then I cut two of the Chevron Borders, one in white and one in silver mirrorboard.  They were easy to line up with the lines on the background paper.

Chevrons are so popular right now and they make a great addition to your cards.

My Dog's Eyes

Back in 2007 my husband and I adopted two dogs from our local shelter; a mother and one of her pups.  The mom (Princess) was about 1 1/2 yrs. old and the pup (who my husband named Kyra with a long "I" sound) was about 8 months old.  They are the most loving dogs, each with their own pair of beautiful eyes.

  Kyra's eyes are shaped with defined points at each corner and just gorgeous in real life:

We think Kyra is part Samoyed due to the shape of her body and ears and the thick coat.

Princess, on the other hand,  has eyes that are much more open but still have the same nice curves as Kyra's:

We aren't sure what mix Princess is but she is definitely a hunter.  SQUIRREL!!!! and off she goes.
She will eat anything that moves or anything she finds in the yard:  bugs, dead bugs, spiders, but thankfully leaves the toads alone.

Kyra turns 9 in August and we think Princess is 10 but could be 11.  My husband and I are both huge dog lovers -- that's how we met in the first place, at an online pet dating site.  I lived in upstate NY and he was down here in Maryland but the internet brought us together.

So as I craft away at my desk, Kyra is lying on the floor wrapped around my chair.  I can barely move to reach my dies and ink that are behind me.  Forget about trying to get up to grab a piece of cardstock from the closet shelf.  Princess will lie under my computer desk, tucked as far back against the wall as she can.  They want to be near their mom during the day when it's just the 3 of us here at home.

What loving dogs we have and are so appreciative of the love they give us every day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Two cards, One background die

Have you ever flipped over your dies to see all the dots on the back that you use to poke the extra little pieces out with and noticed that those dots sometimes form patterns?  I noticed a lot of different patterns on the back of the Tribal Card Panel by Frantic Stamper when I was making this card and poking out all the little pieces:

The above card was made using the Frantic Stamper Tribal Card Panel die.  I did not poke out the middle of the panel in order to get a different effect.   The bottom card was also made using the Tribal Card Panel but by flipping it over and manually paper piercing some of the dots on the back.

The flower on card 1 is a combination of the Large Layering Posies, Medium Layering Posies and Small Layering Posies.  The leaves are the Fancy Leaves but I cut out a back piece for them.

The orange card also uses the Medium and Small Layering Flowers, but the leaf is the leaf that comes in the Teacher's Apple set.  Hugs is from the Accessory Words #3 die set.

This is what the Tribal Card Panel looks like from the front:

And this is what it looks like from the back:

Can you see all the different patterns you can get?  I love paper piercing and it couldn't be easier this way; the holes are already there for you instead of having to try to line everything up on your own.

Star Quilt Happy Birthday

I have a tutorial here on how to make this star quilt pattern:

The dies I used on the card are all Frantic Stamper:

Small Solid Bow
Happy Birthday Script
Petite Leaves
Petite Layering Flowers 
Petite Layering Posies

The tiny flower goes great on the Small Solid Bow.  I think I'll do this a lot more in the future.

This star pattern is so easy to make...............but looks very difficult, doesn't it?  Here is a close up of the star itself:

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Teacher's Apple card

I really like this Teacher's Apple die by Frantic Stamper.  There are so many cards you can make with it.  I've posted a few prior to this so if you are looking for more ideas; just scroll through the blog posts until you see the others.

The four stitched squares are from the  Elementals #1.  After those were adhered to the card, I put the ribbon across the bottom and faux stitching around the apple with a white gel pen.

A great card to give to your child's teacher at the start of the new year coming up.  Why not put a gift card inside and make it extra special.  Having been a teacher myself, I know how much personal money teacher's put into their classrooms.  A gift card from a local Teacher's Store, Target or Walmart is always appreciated.  When you think about it, what other type of job do employees put in as much unpaid overtime?  I would be working on lesson plans the minute I got out of work  and all weekend long.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Butterfly Kisses

I'm entering this tag card in these challenges:

Just Add Ink #272  Butterflies which can be seen here:

 Tag You're It Challenge #26 which can be seen here: where the inspirational tag is this, designed by Marybeth Lopez:

I chose to use a butterfly on my tag as well, getting inspiration from Marybeth's beautiful butterfly.

I used the Monarch Butterfly and Solid Butterfly by Frantic Stamper, along with the Chevron Borders and Edgers.

The "Butterfly Kisses" stamp is from the Butterflies unmounted rubber stamp set by Frantic Stamper.

To make the background on the tag, I used Picked Raspberry and Orange Marmalade distress inks.  I smooshed each one on a non-stick craft mat then spritzed them with water.  I dragged the tag through the inks and let them dry before doing a second layer.  The yellow on the tag is what came out of the Orange Marmalade ink after spritzing it.............the color separated a little which is what is nice about the distress inks.

Once the ink was dry, I used the Chevron Border die to cut three strips of dsp for the bottom of the tag.  The background of the butterfly itself was also Picked Raspberry distress ink on a white die cut of the Solid Butterfly.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hugs Tag

I saw the Tag Your It Challenge #26 and knew immediately what I wanted to put on my tag and what colors to use for my entry in this challenge.    This is the inspirational tag by Marybeth Lopez:

I was inspired by Marybeth's tag to use blue on my tag, along with stitching around the edges of the tag.  I also wanted to keep the sentiment short like her's is and down in the lower right corner.

I used the Stitched Tags by My Favorite Things Dynamics.  I also used the Frantic Stamper Large Layering Posies, Medium Layering Posies and Small Layering Posies for the flower.  The leaves are the leaf that comes in the Teacher's Apple die set.  The word "hugs" is also by Frantic Stamper and is part of the Accessory Words #3 die set.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Another card in 15 or less

Here is a second card in a series of cards that can be made in 15 minutes or less.  I used the Frantic Stamper Small Solid Bow die and cut it out three times on three different colors of cardstock/ dsp.

This is what the bow die looks like:

The bows have stitching around the edges.  When I assembled the bows for my card, I didn't use the tiny rectangle part because I knew I wanted an embellishment (pearl) in the middle of the bow.   I used glue dots to adhere the two parts together.  Just fold over the top piece in the photo above so the two ends meet in the middle and stick it together with a glue dot.  Then adhere that part to the base which has the fishtails on the ends.

I used a frame embossing folder so the card didn't look quite so plain and then stamped the word "thanks" using the Frantic Stamper Many Thanks Clear Stamp set.

The final step was to mount the front card panel on to the base and the card was done.

I was in the store the other day in the stamp aisle when a lady who was looking at the clear stamp sets asked "what do you do with these"?  That's a common question for beginner stampers, and I had that question when I first started out too.  If you don't already know, you peel off one of the clear stamps from the acetate background and stick it on a clear stamping block.  You then press the block with the stamp on it into your ink and on to the paper.  When you are done, you can clean the stamp off (using water if it's a water-based ink or a stamp cleaning solution) and put it back on the acetate sheet it came on.

If asked what my preference was when it comes to clear stamps vs. wood mounted ones, I would choose clear almost 90% of the time.  With the clear stamps you can see through them to make sure you are aligning it where you want it to be whereas with the wood mounted stamps it's harder to line them up unless you are using a special tool to do it (which I don't use because that is just one more step in the process and one more thing to clutter up my desk).

Frantic Stamper also has bow dies in different sizes and some with swirls or dots cut into them.  You can see all their bow dies here:

Monday, July 20, 2015

Halloween card in 15 or less

Why not let the dies do the work for you and create this card in less than 15 minutes.  It's an A2 card packed with Halloween fun.  The best part is that 3 of the dies used on this card come in the same set (see below).

Here's the recipe:

Cut a piece of orange cardstock 4" x 5 1/4"  for the front panel

Cut two sections of the full Picket Fence by Frantic Stamper in white cardstock and adhere to the bottom of the card panel.  Trim off any of the fence that hangs off the edge of the front panel.

Cut out and adhere the following dies by Frantic Stamper:

(1) cat from the Cute Halloween Icons
(2) ghosts from the Cute Halloween Icons
(1) bat from the Cute Halloween Icons
(1) Medium Bare Ash tree

Stamp the Happy Halloween at the top of the card, mount the front panel on to the black card base which is 11 x 4 1/4" folded in half making it a 5 1/2  x  4 1/4 (A2) card.

Do the dots around each of the ghost and dots in the cats eyes (optional).

A Different Star Quilt Pattern with Tutorial (parallelogram style)

This is a different star pattern than the other star quilt cards I had been making but just as easy to do.

I started off using a 4.25 x 4.25" square pink piece of cardstock for the background.  Since each square that is going to be adhered is a 1" square, I drew lines on the background piece to help line the triangles up perfectly.  The four corners where you won't be adhering any squares or triangles will each be 1 1/8" square instead of just 1" square.  This gives you a little bit of space around the star rather than having the star right up against the edges of the paper.  You could easily do this using a 4 x 4" background also.

I use a 1" square punch for the designer paper squares.  I punched out four of one color and four of another color and cut each in half diagonally.  (The 1 1/8, 1, 1, and 1 1/8 on the sheet below just indicates where to draw your lines on your paper, not what size squares to punch out).

Start adhering two of the triangles as shown above so their right angles are butted up against each other.  Continue with the next two triangles, making two complete squares.  Then adhere two more triangles on top of those two squares, making sure to alternate the colors.  The inside of the "big" square should look like a pinwheel.

The next step is to adhere the remaining triangles so they match their coordinating triangles that are already adhered, making a parallelogram out of each.  (Aren't you glad you took Geometry in high school now)?  Make sure the triangles you are adhering are in the correct position:

When all of the triangles are adhered, this is what you should have:

Erase your pencil lines, and decide if you want to do any faux stitching around the edges of the star.  I used a Distress Marker for mine.  Next,  run the entire panel through your Cuttlebug or other machine using your choice of embossing folders.  I like to use the Cuttlebug Plaid EF but there are others out there that give a similar effect.

I mounted this panel on a 4.5 x 4.5 darker piece of cardstock then mounted that on a large 5x7 card which gave me room at the bottom for a greeting.

I used all  Frantic Stamper dies on my card.  The words "you" and "are" are from the Accessory Words # 1 and Accessory Words #3.  I paired these words with the Amazing word die.

For the flower center, I used the Frantic Stamper Petite Layering Flowers for the very center and the smallest of the dies that come in the Large Layering Posies and Medium Layering Posies for the bottom two layers of the flower.

I hope you give this technique a try.  It really is very easy to do but can be intimidating to look at.  Once you jump in and give it a try, you will love the way it looks on your cards.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Halloween Star Quilt background card

Here's another card using the star quilt background technique.  What I realized when making this card was that you don't need to have a bunch of triangles and squares for the background behind the star (in this case, the orange and white striped line paper).  You can start off with a sheet of paper that is
4" x 4" and then just add the star on top of it.  It does take a little more measuring ahead of time but in the long run you won't see a bunch of lines where you adhered your squares and triangles.

So here is how I made this card.  I started off with the background piece that is 4x4 and cut out (2) one inch squares (solid orange squares in the photo) to use as a guide.  Place the squares on the top corners of the background paper but do NOT adhere them; they are just acting as a guide.

Cut out (4) one inch squares and then cut each square diagonally, either on your paper cutter or by hand.  I found out that cutting them by hand actually worked better and gave me better corners on the triangles.

Then take two of the triangles that you cut in the color that you want your star to be (in this case the orange and gold dotted paper) and line them up so the right angles are lined up with the sides of the squares as in the photo below.  Do this for all four sides; just keep rotating your background paper.

You can also line up your 4x4 background paper on a grid that has one inch marks.

Now you are ready to place (4) one inch squares in the center of the star.  Keep in mind that you don't want to use the same color as the embellishment that you will put on the card, if you will be putting one in the middle of the star.

That's basically all there is to it.  I used the Fun Happy Halloween word die by Frantic Stamper on my card, along with the smallest bat that comes in the Bats and Ghost die set.

You can frame your background piece however you want, depending on what size card you ultimately want to end up with.  I framed mine with a layer of black cardstock then mounted the entire thing on a white card base which was 5x5.

Friday, July 17, 2015

One die cut in 3 different sizes

The original die is the biggest ghost at the top of the card.  I cut him out of white cardstock so the words Trick or Treat would fit flat on the paper but the other two ghosts are cut out of craft foam and shrunken in size with a heat gun.  With just one size die you can create all different sizes, from medium to small to extra small.

This card was made in response to the previous post on my blog where I showed how you can reverse cut or reduce the size of a die cut when using craft foam instead of paper.

The ghosts are from the Cute Halloween Icons set and the words are the Large Trick or Treat die by Frantic Stamper.  You can click on the links to see the products in the Frantic Stamper online store.

Tomorrow  I will show how you can use craft foam for the mirror image die cutting.

Reversing and Resizing your die cuts

Have you ever wanted a reverse cut of a die or a smaller version of it?  Now you can do that easily by just cutting the die out of craft foam (the skinniest type of craft foam works better than the thicker kind).  Craft foam comes in all different colors, so for my witches above, I can cut them out of black foam and have the image reversed with all the tick marks still showing through.  If you were to do this on cardstock, the tick lines don't normally show through to the other side that well.

Another use of craft foam is when you want a smaller version of your die.  Just cut it out using the skinny foam, then heat it with a heat gun.  The longer you heat it, the smaller it gets.  In the above photo, I shrank all of the dies and reversed the two witch ones.

You can even color the foam with dye ink pads by pouncing the entire pad on top of your foam.  Once it is heated, the ink is set and won't bleed off.

I will be making some cards with these smaller dies and post them shortly.

Jennifer McGuire has a video showing this technique here:

All of the dies shown above are by Frantic Stamper.  There's the Witch Riding Broom, the ghost from the Cute Halloween Icons, the Cauldron Witch, and the Fun Happy Halloween.

Can you imagine the possibilities of just being able to change any die into it's mirror image or making it smaller?  I love knowing that the tick marks show through on the opposite side when cutting with foam.  Now you can turn any "mother" die into a "baby" die just by using craft foam.

I'm off to the store to buy some more craft foam in different colors!

Witch on Broom Sunburst card

For this card, I used the Sunburst Card Panel die by Frantic Stamper to make a stencil that I could ink through.  I cut the die using acetate which results in a stencil that you can reuse over and over.  I've already used my stencil more than 20 times and it is in perfect condition.  I have instructions on how to make the stencil on my blog here:

The Witch Riding Broom is also a Frantic Stamper die, as is the word Halloween (which also comes with the word Happy).

You can click on the purple links above to see the dies in the Frantic Stamper store.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

City Witch on Broom

A quick Halloween card using Frantic Stamper San Francisco Cityscape, Bats & Ghost, and Witch Riding Broom dies.

Gotta love this witch who is all decked out for city life with her high heels.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Halloween Sunburst cards

The sunburst tutorial that I use can be found here if you want to give it a try:

I used all Frantic Stamper dies on these cards.  The white and black layered labels on the first two cards are made using the Coved Labels and Elementals #7 Coved Labels.  The two sets of dies are made to go together so you have a lot of nesting size options.  Plus with the Elementals #7 Coved Labels you get this really intricate frame die which has become my "go to" die for framing cards.

The first card has the Cauldron Witch on it.  There are a lot of detailed lines on the Cauldron Witch that make her different from any other on the market.

The second card has the Witch Riding Broom die by Frantic Stamper.  She also has a lot of detail in her cape and hair, but these details don't cut out from the main die, they are "tick lines" that create the detail.  

The last card has one of the two Scardy Cats on it, along with the bat from the Cute Halloween Icons and the EEEK from the Scary Words set.  I also used the Stitched Scene Builder Edgers for the hills the cat is standing on.

Star Pattern Quilted Card Tutorial

This is one of those cards that looks difficult but is super easy to make.  I used a pattern I saw on Pinterest here:

For the base of the card that will have the squares adhered to it, I used a 4x4 piece of cardstock.  If you use a color that matches your dsp, then it will hide the areas where your triangles might not line up exactly perfect.

For the squares and triangles, I started off by using a 1" square punch and punching 8 of the lightest blue paper for the edges, 4 of the darkest blue for the star triangle points, and 2 each of the center squares (2 white and 2 dotted blue).

Four of the eight outside squares need to be cut diagonally in half and all of the 4 dark blue as well.

To adhere the pieces to the base, I covered the entire base first with a roller adhesive.  Then I started adhering the four outside corner squares.  That's easy to do; just line them up with the edges of the base paper.

The next step was to adhere the triangular light blue pieces to the edges.  Also easy to do, just figure out where the right angle of the triangle goes and stick the paper down.  Continue in this manner until your base is totally covered.  I decided to dry emboss my entire base by using a plaid EF by Cuttlebug.

After the base was done, I inked the edges with black ink and adhered it to a black piece of cardstock that was 4 1/8  x 4 1/8".  The entire card is an A2 so it is 4.25 x 5.5 across the front.

The last step was to make the flower which I used the smallest die (you get two sizes in each set)  in all 3 sets:  Large Layering Posies, Medium Layering Posies and Small Layering Posies.  Then I cut two of the largest leaves from the Petite Leaves die set.

The "Thanks" stamp comes in a clear stamp set by Frantic Stamper and is called Many Thanks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Herringbone Technique

I saw the Herringbone technique on Pinterest here and wanted to give it a try with some Halloween paper I had:

These are my cards:

I used 1/2" strips of paper and just adhered them randomly on the 3 3/4 x 5 card base.  The Happy Halloween and Bat (from the Cute Halloween Icons) are from Frantic Stamper.

Here is another card with the same technique.  I used the Frantic Stamper Large Trick or Treat die on it, along with the spider from the Cute Halloween Icons.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Another Teacher's Apple Sunburst Card

If the manual sunburst technique isn't for you, this Sunburst Card Panel die by Frantic Stamper makes it easy as (apple) pie.  I cut the Sunburst card panel using some paper from Michaels and adhered it to a sheet of black cardstock.  How easy is that?!

The Teacher's Apple die finishes off the card on it's own.  You get the apple, the leaf and stem and the words all in one die set.  The font on this die looks like the handwriting of a real teacher, doesn't it?

For the faux stitching around the edge of the apple, I left the paper inside the die, ran a stylus around the edge of the die to get a deep embossed edge then took the paper out of the die and used that embossed edge as a guide for the faux stitching.

Frantic Stamper has a new release of dies and stamps every month.  Be sure to check them out here and subscribe to their newsletter so you won't miss out on the new releases.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Just a few Sailboat cards

Would you think I like this Sailboat die or what?  It's easy to make a masculine card with this die, and you can also add on some Nautical Icons or Stitched Scene Builder Edgers for waves.

I'm still liking this sunburst technique.  You can see tutorials on how to do the various sunbursts on previous posts on my blog.