Saturday, September 12, 2015

Scardy Cat Chevrons

Frantic Stamper has a new set of Halloween cats called Scardy Cats (09576) that are so appropriately designed for Halloween cards with their fur raised up.

I used the Chevron Borders and Edgers (09157) for the background of the card and a clear stamp from the Halloween Greetings Lines set.

The dotted paper is from Frantic Stamper and can be found here:

To make the zig zag background, there are two dies that come in the Chevron Borders and Edgers (see photo below).  One will cut the entire double edged strip like in the bottom 3 strips on the card, all done in one swipe through your machine.  The wider strips were done using the border die that comes in the set.  Just cut it once on one edge of the paper and then run it through again on the other edge of the paper.  Very easy to line up for a perfect look every time!

Here are some other cards that I made using the Chevron Borders and Edgers die set.

 This set of 2 dies offers a single-blade chevron edger to create a zig zag border, plus a double-blade die for a rick-rack "ribbon". Both dies are a full 7" long enabling you to use them on small or large format cards.

These dies are very easy to line up for a repeated pattern on your card.
Frantic Stamper Chevron borders and edgers die (set of 2)

Frantic Stamper Scardy Cats


  1. Okayyyyyyy, who's the paper??? LOL!! I love that stuff tooooo!!!
    L.r. Smith from fb pg..

    1. The dotted paper that I used on this card and several others prior to this post is from Frantic Stamper. Once it is in stock, I will post a link directly to it for you. Hope that helps.