Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sun Rays Shaker Card

I wanted to try to use the Sun Rays Quilted Card Panel in a different way so I made it into a shaker card.  Did you know you can try to win one of these Sun Rays dies here: ).  Giveaway ends Sept. 30.

The paper is from Frantic Stamper and can be found here:

I cut the Sun Rays Quilted Card Panel die using white cardstock in order to get the white frame that I needed with all the attached spokes that go in between the stitched rays.  When removing the frame with those spokes from the die itself, go very slowly so you don't stretch the paper too much since paper itself is very stretchable.   I then adhered the frame to the card base using a glue pen on just the outer four sides of the frame.  I don't adhere the spokes since they more or less take care of themselves once you adhere the rays back into the diecut.

After cutting the die with the white cardstock (hang on to the stitched rays pieces to use on another card), I then used the die on both red and green dsp (designer series paper -- fancy name for patterned paper).  Before adhering the red and green pieces, I placed them in their appropriate places inside the frame to be sure I had them all just right, then I adhered them with a glue pen.  When adhering them though, I always glue down the outer edge of the stitched rays first to be sure they line up with the outer edge of the frame then line up the inner edge that goes around the inner circle.  You are likely to cover the inner circle with some kind of embellishment or other die, so you really want the outer edge to be perfect.

After the stitched rays were all adhered, it was time to work on the center part of the shaker.  I cut out one of the Round Scalloped Vignettes and used a 1 3/8" circle punch to put out the center of it.  Then I cut out one of the Round Vignette JOY Inserts with red glitter cardstock.  To cut out the center of the circle that the white frame was adhered to (the card base), I used a 1 1/4" circle die.  Then I adhered a piece of acetate to the back of this card panel so you could see it through the cut out circle. Next I adhered the JOY insert to the front of the acetate then adhered the scalloped circle around that.

At this point you have one top card panel that has acetate on the back of it.  To make the shaker part, I used 1/4" wide weatherstripping from the hardware store and adhered it around the center circle on the back of the card.  I like using weatherstripping because it is sticky only on one side; this prevents the sequins inside the shaker from sticking to the foam.  You can use foam tape too; it's just a matter of preference.   You will have to apply double sided tape or glue to the top of the weatherstripping to adhere it to the card front, but that's easy enough to do.  So once the weatherstripping is applied around the center circle on the back of the card, you can carefully fill that area with sequins or other confetti material.  Then put some foam tape around the four edges of the back side of the top card layer, making sure your foam tape is at least as thick as your weatherstripping, then put adhesive on top of the weatherstripping, and adhere the card top to the card base.

Here are the dies I used to make the card:

Frantic Stamper Sun Rays Quilted Card Panel

Frantic Stamper Round Scalloped Vignette

Frantic Stamper Round Vignette JOY Insert


  1. What a different and beautiful card!

  2. I love this card, and I love, love, love that paper!!!
    L.r. Smith from fb pg...

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