Sunday, December 9, 2018

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

This is my first attempt at making anything with wine corks; and no, I don't like wine.

I had seen on craigslist where someone had two huge 30 gallon bags of wine corks for FREE.  They aren't the real cork ones though; they are the rubbery plastic ones which are almost impossible to cut.  But they are soft enough that I could poke a hole in them and glue on a wooden skewer.

I started off with a styrofoam cone base that I bought at Goodwill for 50 cents.  All the other parts of the tree I already had from previous years and was glad to finally have a chance to use some of it.  The round wooden base is a box from Michaels that I bought years ago to use in a ribbon loom class I taught.  I glued the lid to the box itself then glued the cone to that.

Here's a process photo showing the corks with the skewer pieces in them.  I actually cut the skewers into 5-6 equal pieces; I also had the skewers left over from a previous craft.

Starting from the bottom, I began putting a little hot glue on the ends of the skewers that were already pierced into the corks and attaching them in an upward fashion.  I filled in the empty spaces with the miniature ornaments and berries, which were also waiting for years in the basement to be used some day.

Super quick and fairly easy to make.  The whole tree was complete in one day, and I only seriously burned one finger with the hot glue plus ruined one pair of pants when an ornament with hot glue fell on my lap.  My husband can attest to the number of times I complained about how I really don't like using glue guns.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully I can make some wreaths or do other crafts with these corks and will share them shortly.

Happy Holidays! ~~ Ann

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Christmas Shadow Box

I have been working on this shadow box for over a month; I had a lot of creative block when trying to figure out how to lay out all the components.  The overall size is 16 x 20.

I'm not sure if this was a printer's tray originally or what it was......I bought the wooden tray itself at GoodWill for $3.  I still might dry brush some white paint to the exterior edges to give it a more rustic look.

When I went to take out my Christmas decorations this year, I realized they were taking up a lot of room by being stored and wrapped individually.  Most of what I have are gifts from my pre-K students over the years.  I thought it would be nice to have all those mementos in one spot so I could look at them all together at the same time and also store them a lot easier.

I did buy some miniature things to fill in the areas as I like shadow boxes that are full and have little blank space (which is totally opposite of my card making style which is clean and simple).

Here are some close-up shots:

My husband asked what the significance of the corn cob pipe was -- do you know?   It's from Frosty the Snowman but I couldn't fit it in the section with all the snowmen.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Haunted House with Back Porch

This is similar to the first haunted house I made but not exactly the same.  It has a back side to it to help stabilize it -- it's what I call the back porch:

There's a cemetary, cat under the porch and a witch.  I had to fill this area with something but didn't want more tiny bottles and things that I used on the front side.

Above is just a close-up of the top portion of the front side.  I used a collection of miniatures from Joann Fabric, Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

I packed this up real good with a lot of bubble wrap and extra firm cardboard in the box as it's on it's way from Maryland to my parent's house in upstate NY via the Post Office.  When I brought it to the post office this morning, I put it on the counter where drop-offs go, and the lady behind the counter picked it up and THREW it in the bin for the truck.  I looked at her and told her "that was fragile"..... thank goodness I packed it up good.  Now that I said that to her she probably took it to the back room and stomped on it.  I normally have success with this post office but not today.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Monday, October 15, 2018

Mini Halloween Tin

I used one of the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Vintage-styled Metal Trinket Tins and covered it on the outside with rust paint and just a mix of acrylic and gesso on the inside.  The shelves are pieces of heavy chipboard glued in place.

I had this really old photo of my nephew, Nick, that I wanted to use on his tin somewhere.  He was making this zombie-looking face when I took his picture which made it perfect for a Halloween themed tin.

All the miniatures are from Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabric and Michaels.

Another item in the mail, hoping nothing comes unglued.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ben's Shrine

Shrines are so popular in the mixed media world right now, and since one of my  nephews has a 20th birthday in a few days, I thought I'd make him a shrine with a photo of himself in it.

This is the photo I cut Ben out of; it's the "Bean" in Chicago.  He thought of doing this great pose making it look like he was holding the Bean.

Here's a close-up of the top of the shrine side:

Since his birthday is in October, I used some embellishments that are Fall related.  Then I realized the shrine wasn't very secure on it's base so I built up the back side using more of the Tim Holtz Vignette boxes and dedicated this side to Halloween:

A close-up of the bottom shelf:

A side view showing how the shrine was propped up for balance:

I really like how the box on the very bottom came out.  I used Tim Holtz paper, washi tape, feet, and the printer's tray for the shrine itself.  The embellishments are an assortment of Tim Holtz Idea-ology items, some Halloween miniatures from Michaels and JoAnn Fabric, and tiny bottles that I colored with alcohol inks.  

Now I just hope it makes it to him all in one piece.  Packing this up will be tricky.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look ~ Ann

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Wicked Assemblage Clock

My 18 yr old niece loves the musical Wicked, so it was easy to make a birthday gift for her.  I used the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Assemblage Clock and filled it with things I assume were part of the musical as I have not seen it.

I painted the clock with two coats of black gesso then one coat of Finnabair Art Alchemy brown Rust Effect Paste.  This gave the clock a bumpy texture which I then painted over with black acrylic paint.  Once that was dry, I manually rubbed on some Finnabair Art Alchemy Brushed Iron wax to highlight the texture and give it an aged look.

For the inside, I downloaded a Wicked playbill image and printed it on photo paper.  I cut it out with a 3" circle punch and put it in the center of the Sizzix Weathered Clock (die) which I cut out on silver glitter paper.  I backed all of this with some green glitter paper.

The hard part was filling the center of the clock since it has a curve base.  I couldn't simply glue things in place.  I built up a flat base using a piece of thick flexible foam (that foam that comes in some packaging for brads) and covered the bottom half of the inside of the clock.  I painted that foam black then glued on the inside elements:  a gazing ball from Michaels Ashland Tiny Treasures collection, a handmade good witch wand using a star from Tim Holtz and a pearl, a foam pumpkin, a handmade book of curses, and one of the Tim Holtz skeleton heads.

On the side I attached some baubles from Joann Fabric, a clock from Hobby Lobby and a skeleton key that came with a paper Recollections haunted house that I used on my previous post.  I tied on some ribbons I had in my stash.  I had to hold back from letting this look too Halloweenish.

On the back I attached the phrase that I found on my Google search for Wicked.  I adhered a broom and a bat as well.  You may notice the block under the clock; the clock did not want to stand on its own without tipping so it needed to be propped up.  I used a glass domino that I painted black.

Below you can get a better look at the skeleton key:

I hope Katelyn likes this.  Now I have to rush and make something for my nephew who has a birthday two days after Katelyn's.  It's so hard to make things for guys, especially a 20 year old.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Halloween Spooky House Kit by Recollections

Michaels Craft Store has this haunted house configurations box that is all one piece and deep enough to decorate with several of their Ashland Tiny Treasures.  I also used some Halloween Littles from Joann Fabric but the majority of items are from Michaels.

This is the reason why I haven't posted on my blog in a while..........this house took a few weeks to put together as it contains so many tiny components.  But now that I have one done, the next ones will be easier.

For the box itself, I painted it with black acrylic paint then dry brushed on some Finnabair Brushed Iron wax which is now on sale at Michaels for 70% off.  It comes in several different colors for those of you who use waxes in your mixed media art.

The box is sitting on an unfinished wood base that I also purchased at Micahels and painted black.  The one I bought is slightly smaller than the one linked to.
Then I took black paper and punched out a fence using the Martha Stewart Iron Fence punch and again dry brushed some silver colored wax on it for a distressed look.

These are the individual compartments in the haunted house:

I used the Sizzix Iron Gate Bigz die for the top of the house, cutting it out of chipboard so it would be sturdy.  The gargoyle and skeleton are from Joann Fabric as part of the Maker's Halloween Littles collection.

The ghost, broom, poison bottle and crow on skull are from Michaels.  The tiny bottle brush tree is from Joann Fabric.  The clock is from Hobby Lobby as part of their Spare Parts embellishments collection and the pumpkins are vase filler pumpkins I've had for years.  The purple rose on the wall is a Recollections rose adhered to a flattened bottle cap.

Tim Holtz bones are in the Tim Holtz cloche, wiggle eyes in a bottle and more poison bottles from Michaels.

Skull, Tim Holtz Zombie arms, spell book, stars and poison bottle are from Michaels.  The bottles in the back that are filled with purple and green beads are actually filled with candies used in cake decorating.  The candies come in bags for $1 in all different colors and sizes at Michaels.  The number 31 and the pumpkin are from Hobby Lobby.  The pumpkin is part of their dollhouse miniatures collection and the numbers are Spare Parts from Hobby Lobby.

The potion recipe card is a free download I found online.   The pumpkin, bottles, bones and crystal ball are from Michaels.

Tim Holtz skull, stacked books from Maker's Halloween Littles, candelabra from Hobby Lobby in their dollhouse miniatures collection, jack-o-lantern from Michael's Ashland collection

Tim Holtz doll in the larger cloche, black cat / broom/brown eye (part of the haunted house kit), key, spider (Jolee's sticker) all from Michaels.  I handmade the book using free printables I found online.  The crow on the pumpkin is from Joann Fabric's Halloween Littles.

The half skeleton and bottle brush trees are from Joann also as part of their Halloween Littles collection.  

I have  a lot of leftover items so I can make another haunted house but change it up so it's different.  I got a lot of inspiration on how to make this house from other items I found on pinterest which you can see in my Altered Items Pinterest board.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Anniversary Gift for my Parents

My parents are celebrating their 59th wedding anniversary in a few weeks, and I wanted to make something that would store a lot of photos, thus today's project.

I used the largest of the Tim Holtz Vignette boxes and covered it with floral scrapbook paper and some of his washi tape around the edges.  Then I adhered the feet and the word "memories", the number 59 and the roses.  The top is just the panel that fits the largest vignette box, also covered with paper.  

I printed a photo of my parents and gave it a sephia finish in Picasa but then colored in the corsage with a yellow distress marker.  I cut around their image and mounted it inside the next largest of the vignette boxes with some foam mounting tape.  The knob on top is also a Tim Holtz product.

The bottom box was a book box I purchased at Hobby Lobby:

I covered it with the same floral scrapbook paper as the vignette boxes then painted on some Mod Podge to finish it off.  This book box holds some larger photos of my 6 brothers and sisters and their kids that my parents have never seen before:

This is on it's way to their house via the post office.  I know it's going to bring tears to their eyes as they love seeing photos of the family.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann