Monday, July 29, 2019

Wine Cork Wreath Decorated

I finally got the nerve to decorate the latest wreath I made with the real wine corks.

Details on how to make the wreath can be found on the prior post.

The grapes are from Hobby Lobby; they have, by far, the nicest and best priced grapes of all the craft stores in my area.  These cost $3.99 and were 50% off last week.

The burlap bow is also from Hobby Lobby and was 40% off in the Fall department.  It originally cost $7.99.

If you can find corks at local restaurants and bars, this wreath could cost you less than $12 to make.  It will be available for sale at my garage sale in Sept. to raise money for the local animal shelters.  Date yet to be determined.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Real Cork Wreath

Just another cork wreath, this time made out of real corks and not the synthetic ones.  This wreath took 259 corks to make.  Its base is a 20" diameter styrofoam ring that I picked up at GoodWill for 50 cents.  It was partially covered with greenery that was in pretty bad shape, but I knew the ring itself could be reused and was very big.  I think it was a great deal for 50 cents considering such a large styrofoam ring at a craft store would have cost about $10 if not more.

Since the corks were going to be hot glued to the styrofoam,  I knew they wouldn't stick well so I wrapped the ring with burlap strips and secured it with floral pins.  I purchased a 15 ft. roll of burlap at Hobby Lobby's Christmas clearance sale last year for $1.00. 

After the wreath was wrapped with the burlap, I took a piece of twine covered wire (the twine prevents the wire from cutting into the styrofoam) and made a loop to hang the wreath with.   It's best to put the wire hanger on before attaching any corks.

Then I started hot gluing the real corks to the burlap ring beginning with the center and working my way out.

The inner ring held 24 corks.  The wreath ended up having 9 rows of corks in the end.

You don't have to cover the entire back side of the wreath with corks since no one will see them.  This is what the back side looks like:

Once it was all done, there were 259 corks in total on the wreath.

Now I need to look for some artificial grapes to put on the wreath or decorate it with more berries that I have on hand.

This will be available at the Sept. garage sale where all PROCEEDS, not profits, go to the local animal shelters.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Another Cork Xmas Tree

To make this tree, I used a paper mache cone that is 14" tall.  Begin hot gluing the corks from the bottom and work your way up.  If the corks don't exactly fit, leave a little space between them for embellishments.

I used some berry picks from Joann Fabric that I picked up at the end of the holiday season 2018, and also used three of them at the top.

This is what the tree looked like at the beginning:

This is the third cork tree done so far:

I need to take some of the height off the berries on top of the middle tree.

All of these will be available at my garage sale in Sept. to raise money for local animal shelters.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Ann

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Cork Wreath

My first cork wreath; actually it's made out of synthetic corks.  It, along with others made of real corks to be posted soon, will be available at my garage sale in September to raise money for the local animal shelters.

To make this wreath, I started off with a styrofoam ring that was 21" wide and wrapped it with burlap so the corks would stick to it.  You should attach the wire to hang the wreath with before gluing on any corks.   I glued the synthetic corks on the base first in this fashion:

After the base was covered as above, I randomly glued on the top corks.  The berries are not glued in; they are just poked through the styrofoam base with wires.

All of the Christmas mirrors and buckets on the earlier posts will also be available for sale.

-- Ann